Thank you, Multnomah County Library! We're excited and delighted to share our music with Portland. - stoneface honey

Long Time Waiting is available at and itunes.

The acoustic version of My Land because sometimes #shithole country-inspired songs just can't wait. And no, Sofia wasn't an official Russian Warrior Princess that I know of, but she was BAD ASS! For Christmas, my grandpa shared some stories about his parents. Sofia was kicked by a horse and had a steel plate in her head, she fought off a pack of wolves with firewood, her parents died when she was three and she was in the care of the town "mayor." When she heard they were going to amputate after a leg injury, she ran away and healed herself in the woods by soaking her leg in a stream and wrapping it with leaves...all before she made it to Germany, Scotland and then finally the US in 1907.

The story of Snow.

My dream starred a little boy with large, haunted brown eyes. He'd seen what happened to men and women in this war and he wanted to save sweet, innocent little girls like his sister from being dragged away by soldiers. Unfortunately, he saved them by killing them.

So Angie Kopshy completed her move to Montana, but the transition of Stoneface Honey is still being perfected. Kate & Angie had the chance to perform a few songs together earlier this month and we look forward to sharing little snippets as we head into Christmas. Meanwhile, here's Angie's favorite arrangements of Children Go Where I Send Thee/Go Tell it on the Mountain. 

Once upon time…

in the year 2015, Princess Sophie was tending to a plant in her family's lush garden. She heard gentle footsteps approaching and looked up to see her mother’s silhouette against the bright midday sun.     

“Arise, my daughter,” the queen commanded as she stretched out her hands. “I have news from the West.” Sophie stood and held tightly to her mother’s hands as a cool breeze blew the blond ringlets away from the queen’s intense blue eyes. “You will leave tomorrow for the land of Bigotria. They are in great need. Come, your family awaits.”

As they walked out of the garden, Sophie savored the gentle caress of branches brushing up against her. She inhaled the sweet aroma of their beloved canna garden and locked the memory in her heart before rushing to catch up with her mother...

Happy 4th of July, everyone. Enjoy this day wherever you are in this beautiful world. These are the lyrics to one of our new songs. We finally get to share this live on Friday and we can't wait! When I wrote this, I was afraid it might be obsolete by the time we were able to share it. Unfortunately, this song still resonates with me every day. Here's to the hope that there may come a day when these lyrics are ancient history!


I am Angie Kopshy of Stoneface Honey and live on Good Neighbor Farms with my fiancé, Jeff Simonson. This is our official statement regarding the lawsuit filed against us and many others by our neighbors. Zach Harris published information about it in Merry Jane.

"We are attempting to reach an amicable settlement of the case filed against us and others by the McCarts in federal court alleging RICO liability. If we are unable to settle the case, we intend to dispute the claims and allegations stated in the McCarts’ complaint. The McCarts filed that complaint to retaliate against us and others for asserting our rights in a local land use permitting proceeding, which is now on appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals. The McCarts previously filed a complaint against us and others in Clackamas County alleging other claims. As soon as one of the defendants appeared to defend himself in that case, the McCarts dismissed that case. Rachel McCart is a California lawyer who moved to Oregon a few years ago. She is representing herself in the lawsuit against us and other long-time Oregon residents who have been participating in the State’s medical marijuana program. The McCarts are attempting to undermine the decisions of the State of Oregon and its citizens to legalize and regulate medical marijuana. The McCarts’ federal complaint is premised on falsehoods and at odds with the true facts. It is disappointing that the McCarts are trying to use the legal process to intimidate us and other lawful participants in Oregon’s ground-breaking marijuana industries."  -Angie Kopshy and Jeff Simonson

Sneak peek of My Land, one of Stoneface Honey's upcoming 2017 releases & an update on our role in legalized marijuana's history in the making.

We finally have almost the entire album on you can press 'play all' and go on a 45 minute ride with Stoneface Honey. 

Long Time Waiting on YouTube

We lost the young, hilarious, say-it-like-it-is, incredibly musical bass playing/singer, Ben Rougeou last night. He was surrounded by family and friends and passed away just before we went on stage at The Buffalo Gap. But I was happy to see that they still had one of our posters on the ceiling so I could point him out as we dedicated Shoes to Fill to him. Although that was the only song on our album in which his bass part was recorded, Ben's ideas and creativity played a strong role on the entire album. Ben's life was short but full of music, laughter and gentle kindness. We will miss you, Ben! Here are some of our favorite pictures with him. 

Stoneface Honey in 2014 with the little pink pig at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon

Ben Rougeou, bass player, originally from Louisiana now living in Portland, Oregon, in a photoshoot with Stoneface Honey.

Stoneface Honey post performance at the Alberta Rose Theatre

Ben Rougeou recording with Stoneface Honey in April, 2014

Stoneface Honey at the Waypost in Portland, Oregon, 2015

Stoneface Honey in 2014 at Cathedral Park

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